Emma has such a genuine passion for what she does, along with a  wealth of knowledge and years of ‘on the ground’ experience. She walks her talk, and can literally inspire anyone towards health, growth and change.

My son was in constant discomfort from his stomach, which has pretty much been resolved.  He was living off bread and potatoes!! He will now eat eggs and bone broth, which form an important part of his still quite limited diet. It’s a journey, but we are definitely getting there….

My daughter, 5, had a lot of tooth decay, and we had been advised by several dentists to have those teeth removed. Two years on, we have not taken that advice, and her new adult teeth are coming through strong and white.  She has taken to her new diet without a whimper.

I am stunned by how much teaching you give in just one hour… It’s incredible. So alive and easy to absorb.

 ‘How the hell do I do it?’  I know what’s not healthy, but to understand the WHY and mostly the HOW to bosh out highly nutritious food for a big and busy family is key.  In fact it’s GOLD DUST Thank you so much.

Thank you for this food-learning experience … the reaction from the boys has been EXTRAORDINARY!

I turned vegan at 21 and have been living with a chronic eating disorder (self-starvation/food deprivation) since my teens. Thanks to Emma’s course, I am able now to support myself with better food choices, which in turn resources me to explore the underlying psychological reasons why I was not  feeding myself in a way that nourishes me.

Emma has absolutely transformed my and my family’s attitude towards, and understanding of the foods we eat and their effect on us.