Welcome to your opportunity to change your life as you learn about food as medicine. I believe there is no disease, only deficiency and toxicity.  You may give names to all of the chronic ailments that besiege our modern society, but when we nourish and cleanse, with the timeless principles of healthy traditional food preparation, many symptoms simply disappear or a greatly eased.

Now is your opportunity to get the ‘inside-info’ on gut health. Information and motivation for transformation. I have seen and learnt of remarkable stories of recovery from chronic illness during my 10 years as a ‘Paleo Coach’. Now a qualified GAPS coach, I am convinced that many of us who have felt that we’ve fallen through the gaps in the main stream medical model can find comfort and relief when we apply the principles of Timeless Cookery.

GAPS stands for Gut And Psychology Syndrome, the book by the same name by Dr Natasha Campbell McBride is a must read for anyone suffering from inflammatory disease of any description including heart disease.  My own children have recovered from night terrors, a tumour and Tourette’s. I am feeling so alive and ready to respond and relieved that I have had the good fortune to have stumbled across this eye-opening and revelatory nutritional protocol.

I am so excited to be able to share this lifesaving information and to help you begin your transformation. I am offering, in easy to digest, bite sized pieces the GAPS protocol in an online training.  The 3 month GAPS group program is called Get Going with GAPS and will give you all the culinary tools and techniques you need to rebuild a broken digestive system and revolutionise how you feel.

You can join live or watch later. If you tune in live you’ll be able to ask questions. This will get you started and give you the basic principles and techniques demonstrated in online cookery sessions. Then there is Facebook Forum where you can ask questions and share experiences,  I look in on it  and attempt to respond to as many questions as I can. The GAPS Group Program is spread out over 12 weeks, giving you the chance to implement new habits in your kitchen.  There’s safety in numbers, this helps us stay strong.

If you feel you need specific support you can enrol in the One To One program and I’ll be an expert in your pocket for the duratioin of the 3 month group program.  GAPS has helped hundreds of thousands of people, for over 20 years, overcoming symptoms of all chronic inflammatory and auto immune diseases.

I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you and look forwards to hearing your story and seeing your transformation.

Paleo pancake