Build strength and immunity with meals and snacks that set you up for a lifetime of ROBUST HEALTH

Imagine awakening to a new day with no aches or pains, doubts or fears.  Imagine the kids bouncing in the door bursting with good energy.   See their excitement, their shiny faces.  See their rosey cheeks, their eyes bright and joyful.  Imagine chatty and engaging conversations with like minded, switched on friends and neighbours.  This is our birthright.

Do you struggle to know what to put on the table every meal?  Are you sometimes at a loss about how to feed the family?  There’s such a lot of conflicting information out there.  Many of the foods we are told are good for us could be keeping you sick and tired?

Let me cook for you on REtreat in normandy, france

Grains, refined seed oils and refined carbohydrates cause alot of damage to your gut.  Learn how to heal your broken digestive system.  Survive and thrive.  You gut makes up 80% of your immune system.  Heal the gut and watch symptoms subside.  There’s plenty of fab alternatives to bread, porridge and pasta and if your sugar monster is whispering in your ear.   We’re all sugar addicts to some degree.  Does this sound like you?

  • Do you like to cook and use real ingredients, but are still not feeling well ? (that was me 10 years ago)
  • Do you worry about your kids health ? (Spectrum disorders, ear ache, night terrors, bed wetting, snotty noses, eczema, asthma, tics, twitches, dyslexia, adhd, anxiety)
  • Do you suffer from chronic disease or inflammation?
  • Have you tried many diets but still don’t feeling good?
  • Do you like sweet things but want to loose weight?
  • You know that gut health affects your state of mind, you just don’t know what to do about it?

congratulations – you’ve come to the right place.

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Hello Darling Heart, my name is Emma Goodwin and 10 years ago I was in an absolute mess.  An angry, impatient, bad tempered Mum.  I was not enjoying being a parent.  By 4pm every day I was FINISHED.  No energy, anxious and depressed.

By some magical fluke of pure brilliant good luck, I chanced upon the GAPS book.   I wept with relief as I turned the pages.  I recognising myself in that book.  I could see my children’s night terrors, ADHD, and endless ear infections as sypmtoms of GUT problems.

The book said how to fix everything using food as medicine.  Dr Natasha made it sound so easy, but it was not.  I was exhausted and had serious brain fog.   I felt so weak and useless.  I had no energy to cook.   I could see the kids health getting worse.    I got on with it.   I started with baby steps.

 “GAPS” – Gut and physiology syndrome

  • I have proved to myself and 100’s of clients that Food can be the Medicine
  • My life has taken a completely new direction and yours can too
  • It doesn’t have to be complicated
  • You don’t have to spend heaps of money
  • You don’t have to spend hours and hours a day cooking

you don’t have to find out the hard way

I worked out how to integrate GAPS into a routine.  I created an online cookery school on a GAPS App!  I break it down into easy to digest, bite sized pieces.

Even if you’ve got the worst brain fog ever.  Even if you’re in terrible pain.  Even if the kids are out of control and bouncing off the walls.   You’re going to love taking steps towards vibrant, shining, rosey cheeked, bright eyed, vital, energetic and joyful good health.   I’d like to introduce you to my 12 week online cookery school:

Get going with gaps

Get Going with GAPS online cookery school gives you the ‘WHY?’ as well as the ‘HOW?’.   You can finally put food on the table quickly and easily.  You’ll know to avoid hidden toxins.  You can be 100% confident that you are fully nourishing your self and your loved ones.  Say goodbye to anxiety and depression, aches and pains, spectrum disorders, and chronic irritation.  Relax about what you’re serving for supper.  See your children’s behaviour change.  Get ready for some surprises.

Emma has such a genuine passion for what she does, along with a  wealth of knowledge and years of ‘on the ground’ experience. She walks her talk, and can literally inspire anyone towards health, growth and change.”  Lucy Jameson

My son was in constant discomfort from his stomach, which has pretty much been resolved.  He was living off bread and potatoes!! He will now eat eggs and bone broth.”

Molly, 5, had a lot of tooth decay, and we had been advised by several dentists to have those blackened teeth removed. Two years on, we have not taken that advice, and her new adult teeth are coming through strong and white.  She has taken to her new diet without a whimper.”  Grace


“get going with gaps” is NOW Available in

timeless cookery club

This is my signature program giving you everything you need to know to bring GAPS into your life and kitchen habits.  I have included this resource in my monthly membership… I no longer offer a money back guarantee.

  • 12 modules covering all aspects of ‘how to’ GAPS
  • cookery demo’s and lectures recorded live
  • Watch at your leisure, in your own time
  • PLUS private support group
  • ALL questions answered
      1. Get going with gaps online cookery school              valued at        £405
      2. 3 free coaching calls with Emma                                valued at        £360
      3. 3 months access to The Timeless Cookery Club      valued at          £99
      4. Private fb group for support and questions             valued at        £240
      5. Six hours of MINDSET videos in the support group valued at       £120
      6. GAPS Snacks Ebook                                                       valued at          £27
      7. 100% money back guarantee, if after 3 months,                                                                               you see no results   valued at   “Priceless”                                                                                                      Total value   £645

yours for only £405

“YES! i want to Get going with GAPs”

sign up to the monthly membership:

Timeless Cookery CluB for only £33

I am stunned by how much teaching you give in just one hour… It’s incredible. So alive and easy to absorb.”  Kate Valentine

Just thinking  ‘How the hell do I do it?’  I know what’s not healthy, but to understand the WHY and mostly the HOW to bosh out highly nutritious food for a big and busy family is key.  In fact it’s GOLD DUST.  Thank you so much.”   Kelly

Thank you for this food-learning experience … the reaction from the boys has been EXTRAORDINARY!”  Dave Tarpey

join Timeless Cookery Club monthly Membership

for only £33/$41 per month

What you get in the Timeless Cookery Club

  • Access to the GAPS App.
  • GET GOING WITH GAPS core teachings
  • Over 50 ‘how to’ GAPS recipe videos
  • Private facebook support group
  • All questions answered
  • Occasional “cook-alongs” in the support group
  • Preferential access to One to One coaching

I have invested over 10 years of my life in perfecting the GAPS protocol.  I have spent thousands of pounds on books and trainings.  Heaven knows how much on supplements and remedies.  My quest for a happy, healthy homeostasis is never ending.  I’ve come to the conclusion that the GAPS nutritional protocol is THE foundation to good health.

I am so convinced that you will feel completely different when you apply the principles of Timeless Cookery that I am willing to offer you a 100% money back guarantee.  *EDIT*  I can no longer offer a money back guarantee.  People who are unwilling to do the work were taking advantage of it.

I turned vegan at 21 and have been living with a chronic eating disorder (self-starvation/food deprivation) since my teens. Thanks to Emma’s course, I am able now to support myself with better food choices, which in turn resources me to explore the underlying psychological reasons why I was not  feeding myself in a way that nourishes me.”

Emma has absolutely transformed my family’s attitude towards, and understanding of the foods we eat and their effect on us.”

WARP SPEED YOUR GAPS JOURNEY: If you really want to crack GAPS and fly into a future of vitality and well being, then let me coach you! I have an amazing offer, see the bookings page for more, very affordable options

love love love

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