One to One: Zoom for a one hour consultation £60.  Go to BOOKINGS to book in.

One to One program PLUS: You get an expert in your pocket to support you through your healing journey for at least 3 months £1440 or I am at your beck and call for £120 per week and we’ll crack it together. This program works wonders with non verbal autistic children and those with chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

  • Detailed history taken and personal plan of action designed  PLUS
  • 12 weekly zoom check-ins  (totaling 24hrs)  PLUS
  • 12 weeks of personal support by text and email (mon-fri 9-5)
  • Get Going with GAPS group program (weekly live online training)
  • Private FB page group support  PLUS
  • home visit –  if applicable  PLUS
  • kitchen sweep (optional)

There is a huge GAPS community out there that is full of uplifting stories of recovery which I cannot wait to share with you.

My own children have triumphed over health issues and, thanks to GAPS, our whole family dynamic has changed.  As I attempted to navigate the changes required to impliment the Gut And Psychology Syndrome protocol, I had no one to hold my hand through the troubled times.  When I experienced real difficulties that left us all in tears, what I really needed an ‘expert in my pocket’  That’s when I began to visualise the One to One program

If you are looking to practice the GAPS protocol, as you get into it,  you’re almost certainly going to feel worse before you feel better, it seems to be the way.  This can be confusing and leave you wondering what you’re doing wrong.    I wish I had had help 10 years ago when I first started.

Coming out the other side of the “die off” as the pathogenic bad guys inside are killed off by the good guys, is just SO rewarding!  You feel so different and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. There may be nay sayers in your circle who wonder what on earth you’re trying to do.  If you feel you have no allies, allow me to support you, I’ll be your GAPS buddy.

Not eating certain foods can be very challenging to some people.  This is easy to understand when we consider how addicted we all are to the sugars in all their many forms.  It gave me great confidence when I began to understarnd that it is the ‘bad guys’ inside that are calling the shots with our food choices.  To deny the bad guys feels really good!

Gut And Psychology Syndrome is more of a life journey than a nutritional protocol.  It is seriously satisfying with plenty of rich, delicious foods, and super cleansing ones too.  Mouthful by mouthful we rebuild our broken bits and heal and seal the gut.  Step by step, you’re going to get there.  What I can tell you is that it may take a full 2 years to achieve real, proper, lasting results.  When you are rebuilding a broken body, it can take time.  The younger you start the better.  Although some folk who’ve had YEARS of sufferig with really chronic issues report remarkable recovery and dramatic improvement after only 3 weeks.

Take GAPS seriously.  It is your gateway to a whole new life.