One to One program.

Being a certified GAPS coach means I have trained with Dr Natasha’s online coaching course and am part of a GAPS community which is full of uplifting stories, I cannot wait to share with you.

My own children have triumphed over health issues thanks to GAPS, our whole family dynamic has changed.  If you are experiencing difficulties, I can hold your hand through these troubled times and be an ‘expert in your pocket’ as you navigate the changes required to impliment Gut And Psychology Syndrome.  If you are looking to get better and apply the GAPS protocol, occasionally, you’re almost certainly going to, feel worse before you feel better, it seems to be the way.  This can be confusing and leave you wondering what you’re doing wrong.  I wish I had had help 10 years ago when I first started.

What I can tell you is that it can take a full 2 years to achieve real, lasting results.  You’re rebuilding a broken body, it takes time.  Though some folk who’ve had YEARS of sufferig with really chronic issues report remarkable recovery and dramatic improvement after only 3 weeks.  I know where you’re coming from, I know how it feels. It is not an easy path to take, but one with long lasting effects, which I have never known anyone, in my 7 years of practice, to have regretted.

Coming out the other side of the “die off” as the bad guys inside are killed off by the good guys you are cultivating with GAPS, is just SO rewarding!  You feel so different and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. There may be nay sayers in your circle who wonder what on earth you’re trying to do.  If you feel you have no allies, allow me to support you through the transition.  Not eating certain foods seems very wrong to some people.  This is easy to understand when we consider how addicted we all are to the sugars in all their many forms.  It gave me great confidence when I began to understarnd that it is the ‘bad guys’ inside that are calling the shots with food choices and denying the bad guys feels really good. When we really embrace fermented foods the sugar cravings just melt away.  I will give you simple steps, one by one, no pressure which you can take at your own pace.

When you allow me to be your GAPS coach on the One To One program, we take a history and work out a plan of action for your GAPS journey.  In a weekly One To One zoom session I keep you on track with specific advice for your particular circumstances.  Celiacs GAPS protocol differs from the Autistic-fussy-eater approach, which is different to GAPS intro, which differs from the Anorexic Protocol.

The One to One program runs along side the Group GAPS Cookery Class.  You’ll start with a weekly zoom and weekly cookery demo, then you can choose when to take your next zoom, you’ll have 6 months worth, a total of 24 sessions.

There are options, I can be flexible, the One to One program can support you through 6 months or a year or more, depending on how often you schedule your zoom – which is when you feel you most need the support, like when you want to ask questions, or feeling stuck – nothing is shifting – or you’re really suffering with die-off symptoms that leave you feeling as though it’s not working.  Just schedule your zoom call on the website and I will be there to keep you focused on the priorities.   Take a weekly zoom to keep up your resolve and momentum, or take them every couple of weeks to give yourself a chance, if you’re working slowly, or experiencing a healing crisis (heck, I know how SLOW I was when my brain fog kicked in!)    Or, if you like the idea, we’ll make it once a week meeting to keep keep things moving, keep you on track.

Take GAPS seriously.  It is your gateway to a whole new life.