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One to One timeless cookery program

You get an expert in your pocket to support you through your healing journey for a full 3 months, so we can really get some results.  We’ll crack it together.  This program works wonders with non verbal autistic children and those with chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.  I guarantee you will see results.

  • Weekly 90 minute Zoom for the information & inspiration to keep you motivated
  • Detailed history taken to taylor the GAPS protocol to your needs
  • Personal plan of action devised
  • All family members considered, history taken and brought into the plan
  • Text messaging and Whatsapp photo support (mon-fri 9am-5pm) For an endless source of recipe ideas and to answer questions as they arise
  • Emergency support if healing crisis occurs (hopefully we detox gently and no need)
  • Virtual kitchen sweep – we go through your usual ingredients, illiminate toxins and find substitutes
  • 3 months of live trainings – ask questions, get immediate answers
  • 12 weekly modules on Sunday mornings GMT (UK time) – watch in your pyjamas
  • Access to Private Members Area for support and more questions answered
  • Watch again at your leisure, in your own time
  • 100% money back guarantee

There is a huge GAPS community out there that is full of uplifting stories of recovery which I cannot wait to share with you.  I wish they had taught me this at school.

My own children and I have triumphed over health issues and, thanks to GAPS, our whole family dynamic has changed.  It has been a journey, I had no one to hold my hand through those troubled times.  When I experienced real difficulties that left us all in tears, what I really needed an ‘expert in my pocket’  That’s when I began to visualise the One to One program

We have seen outstanding results with people practicing the protocol who have suffered with blackened baby teeth, ADHD, autism, Tics and Tourettes, Type 1 Diabetes, anxiety, depression, IBS and more.  When the gut is healed the body can begin it’s natural function and access remarkable powers of regeneration and repair.  There is no disease, only toxicity and deficiency.

Take GAPS seriously.  It is your gateway to a whole new life.

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One to One Timeless Cookery Program