One to One program.

Let me hold your hand through these troubled times.  I can be an ‘expert in your pocket’ as you navigate the changes required to impliment Gut And Psychology Syndrome.  If you are looking to get better and apply the GAPS protocol, you’re almost certainly going to feel worse before you feel better, it seems to be the way.  This can be confusing and leave you wondering what you’re doing wrong.  Going through the ‘die off” as the bad guys inside are kept in check by the good guys you are cultivating, is just SO rewarding!  You feel so different and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. There may be nay sayers who wonder what on earth you’re trying to do, not eating certain foods seems wrong to some people.  If you feel you have no allies, allow me to support you through the simple steps, one by one, no pressure and at your own pace.

Being a certified GAPS coach means having been through the GAPS protocol.  I know where you’re coming from, I know how it feels. It is not an easy path to take, but one with long lasting effects, which I have never known anyone, in my 7 years of practice, to have regretted.

Once we have taken a history and worked out a plan of action for your GAPS journey, a weekly one-to-one zoom session keeps you on track with specific advice for your particular circumstances.  Celiacs GAPS protocol differs from the autistic fussy eater GAPS intro, which differs from the anorexic protocol.  Dr Natasha  Maybe you’re a carer of an elderly person, or someone suffering with a chronic disease, maybe your a world weary mother of a fussy eater, that’s driving you to distraction, like I was.   The three month One to One program runs along side the Group GAPS Cookery Class.  It is your gateway to a whole new perspective on life.

One day Master Class and Cookery Demo

Maybe you have a few friends who may benefit.  Work together. Club together and I will visit you and give a master class and cookery demo.  It’s so much easier when all the mums say ‘it’s a GAPS Party’, then we don’t all have to deal with the kids bouncing off the walls like ‘sugar monsters’ when they get home after the birthday ‘treats’.

Maybe you’re on a healing trip with some other people who are recovering from similar ailments. When we get together and support each other it makes for speedy healing, and it’s just more fun! Laughter is the best medicine they say, and everyone needs their spirits lifting when the chips are down and health is failing.

We have infinite powers of regeneration if we can furnish our bodies with optimum sources of nourishing and cleansing foods, plus clean air and water. Break away from brain fog, achy joints, sluggishness and the more serious complaints these symptoms can lead to. Let’s clean up our act and COME ALIVE