Why do I need coaching?

You may well be thinking “well, I can read the book and get on with it” and that’s what I did to begin with.  I did it by the book.  Feeling brainfogged and lethargic, suffering with anxiety, depression and constipation.  The kids were OCD, ADHD, anxious, throwing temper tantrums and suffering with a long list of symptoms, too many to mention.

I was lonely and felt lost.  I want you to feel empowered, as if anything is possible, and that great progress can be made relatively quickly, although, you’ll know, this is not a sprint, it’s a journey, and every journey begins with just one step.

Trying to do GAPS on your own is not a good move.  Working with a coach, you really understand what you need to do first, how to do it quickly and it gives you massive confidence that you are moving in the right direction.

I have made it super simple and affordable and will support you on your journey to the best of my abilities.

Access these teachings via the GAPS app

  • 12 modules covering all aspects of ‘how to’ GAPS
  • cookery demo’s and lectures recorded live
  • Watch at your leisure, in your own time
  • 100% money back guarantee if after 12 weeks of practice, it is not working for you
  • PLUS a support package of bonus’ to help you on your way
      • Get going with gaps online cookery school              valued at        £405
      • 3 free coaching calls with Emma                                valued at        £360
      • 3 mnths trial of  Timeless Cookery Club membership value           £99
      • Private fb group for support and questions             valued at        £240
      • Six hours of MINDSET videos in the support group valued at       £120
      • GAPS Snacks Ebook                                                       valued at          £27
      • 100% money back guarantee, if after 3 months,                                                                               you see no results   valued at   “Priceless”                                                                                                         Total value   £1,251

yours for only £405


There is a huge GAPS community out there that is full of uplifting stories of recovery which I cannot wait to share with you.  I wish they had taught me this at school.

My own children and I have triumphed over health issues and, thanks to GAPS, our whole family dynamic has changed.  It has been a journey, I had no one to hold my hand through those troubled times.  When I experienced real difficulties that left us all in tears, what I really needed an ‘expert in my pocket’  That’s when I began to visualise Timeless Cookery Club and an online cookery school.

We have seen outstanding results with people practicing the protocol who have suffered with blackened baby teeth, ADHD, autism, Tics and Tourettes, Type 1 Diabetes, anxiety, depression, IBS and more.  When the gut is healed the body can begin it’s natural function and access remarkable powers of regeneration and repair.  There is no disease, only toxicity and deficiency.

Take GAPS seriously.  It is your gateway to a whole new life.


or invest in a one off consultation

Zoom with GAPS coach Emma to taylor GAPS to your specific needs

OR join our monthly membership group

Timeless Cookery Club

What you get…

  • GAPS app with over 50 ‘how to’ GAPS videos – updated regularly
  • facebook support group – for all your questions answered by me and other members
  • Weekly fb lives for the information & inspiration to keep you motivated
  • Six hours of MINDSET videos –

yes! i totally need The core teachings and free coaching!

90 day money back guarantee

I have invested over 10 years of my life in perfecting the GAPS protocol, I have spent literally thousands of pounds on books, trainings, supplements and remedies.  My quest for a happy, healthy homeostasis has led me to the conclusion that the GAPS nutritional protocol absolutely works.  I am so convinced that you will feel completely different when you apply the principles of Timeless Cookery that I am willing to offer you a

100% money back guarantee.

If after 3 months of implementing the teachings, and practicing GAPS, you did not see any results, I will refund you the investment.  100% guaranteed.

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