3 month GAPS group program.

I will give you all the culinary tools you need to cook GAPS meals in minutes. You will gain a clear view of the timeless principles of traditional diets. These modules come in easy to digest, bite sized pieces.  Join me weekly for a live cookery class, lecture and Q&A.

We will discuss exactly WHAT symptoms the GAPS protpcol can help with, WHY we are following this protocol, HOW you can do it, with recipes and ideas, and WHEN it is the right time to start, at which level, according to your symptoms. By the end of 3 months you will have every thing you need to practice the GAPS protocol.

Join live and ask questions or watch later.  A new topic each week will give you inspiration to implement new habits in the kitchen that will translate to better nourishing and cleansing, which can only help make your life a better place to be!