What you learn

Get Going with GAPS protocol

I give you all the culinary tools you need to cook GAPS meals in minutes. You will gain a clear view of the timeless principles of traditional diets. These modules come in easy to digest, bite sized pieces.  Join me weekly for a live cookery class, lecture and Q&A, watch again later and ask all the questions you may have, share you triumphs and failures in the private Facebook support group.

We will discuss exactly WHAT symptoms the GAPS protpcol can help with, WHY we are following this protocol, HOW you can do it, with recipes and ideas, and WHEN it is the right time to start, at which level, according to your symptoms.  At the end of the 3 months you will have every thing you need to practice the GAPS protocol.

Join live and ask questions or watch later.  A new topic each week will give you inspiration to implement new habits in the kitchen along with some tried and tested recipes for success.

Break down – Get Going with GAPS Protocol

Week 1 Gut And Psychology Syndrome overview and what it can do for you * Stock vs Broth * ‘good guys vs bad guys’ * die-off and how to handle it * the stock pot *

Week 2 Fats * ‘good fats bad fats’ * fats vs sugars as metabolic fuel  * rendering fats * fat bomb frosting * digesting fats * making ghee

Week 3 Ferments * control sugar cravings * Kvass * Kraut * Kimchi * Kefir * Kombucha * overcoming the opiates of the masses * addiction

Week 4 Nuts and seeds * activate * ferment * correct preparation of  nuts and seeds * granola * nut butter * Pan cakes

Week 5 Eggs * intolerance testing * Bristol stool chart * GAPS Hollondaise sauce * Russian Custard * Frittata

Week 6 Dairy * reintroduction protocol * food intolerances * milk kefir * 24 hr yogurt * 24 hr clotted cream

Week 7 Baking & breads * why no grains?* GAPS muffins * Pizza  * Garlic Bread *

Week 8 Juicing * GAPS smoothies * getting more greens * wild forage * Egg Nogg * inflammation

Week 9 Principles * 70-30 rule * Fats & Ferments * chop it up & chuck it in * rest & digest * keeping it clean and hidden toxicity

Week 10 Snacks * Packed lunches * eating out * Patties * Dips * soups and stews

Week 11 Intro Diet * GAPS stages 1- 6 * Keto GAPS * No veg GAPS * Fasting

Week 12  Supplements * Magnesium * Iodine * Vit C * Binders * Parasites paradigm shift * Vit C

All sessions come with a Q&A after the lecture and cookery demo and TONNES of enthusiasm, motivation and encouragement to see you sweet on your journey of discovery.

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Week long retreats in 2021

Dates to be confirmed

  • Private room
  • All your GAPS meals and snacks
  • Personalised coaching & teaching
  • Rustic rural setting
  • Idyllic views of coast
  • Quiet & secluded
  • Walking distance to thriving town & sea side
  • Live Timeless Cookery school sessions
  • Epsom salt baths & detox protocols

Get grounded and remineralised, nourished and cleansed.

During this inclusive retreat you will have the opportunity to prepare GAPS foods together and we will eat together.  There will be snacks and foods that you may help yourself to that are GAPS compliant. If you experience a healing crisis and symptoms become challenging, there is a safe space to rest and regenerate, we will help you through it with kitchen remedies.

You will also gain access to the 3 month Get Going With GAPS online training and Facebook group to watch over again and for ongoing support.
You will learn all the Timeless Cookery tools and techniques you’ll need on your GAPS journey.  You’ll gain access to private coaching every day during your stay.
Our summer retreat in August 2020 was a stunning success with participants enjoying a completely transformative experience.

“I’ve had a difficult relationship with food, suffering with IBS, a very slow digestion system, constipation, stomach upset, polyps, back pain, herniated disk, weak muscles, anger, frustration, dyslexia & anxiety.”

“I’m alway searching for answers, things that will make me feel better with endless hours of research into nutrition, diet, bodily functions, medication, neuroscience, bacteria & gut flora,  then I came across Gaps – How to nourish yourself with nutrient dense food to heal your gut, balance your microbiome & ultimately your body & mind.”

” I’ve eaten such good food, learnt more on fermentation & good bacteria, metal detox, intuitive eating, meridians, tapping, trama release, listening to my wisdom, nurturing my inner child & had endless salt baths”

“I’ve deeply connected with some amazing empowered, strong, sensitive, knowledgeable women & learnt so so much. I am truly grateful for this. Thank you.”  Chrissy Goodings.